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UPDATE: We now deliver to DND numbers via our corporate route.


It’s no longer news that the introduction of DND (Do-Not-Disturb) service on MTN phone numbers in the middle of last year 2016 has been halting the 100% delivery guarantee of bulk SMSs. In a bid to combat this issue and also to remain relevant in the bulk business, many bulk SMS providers in Nigeria have promised to provide DND filters to enable their customers pay for only delivered SMSs along with corporate routes to also enable them deliver SMSs to those MTN DND activated phone numbers. While 9% of these Nigerian bulk SMS providers that promised solutions have successfully enabled these DND filters, 91% of others are currently deceiving their customers on this alarming issue.

Though we https://appwebSMS.com had initially implemented some measures to curb this DND issue in the past few months, our earlier implementations were not 100% functional, but today, we are glad to announce our 100% fix to the MTN DND (Do-Not-Disturb) business threatening headache.

Now when you send SMS using https://appwebSMS.com, all MTN phone numbers that are on DND will automatically be filtered out and you won’t be charged for those numbers. If all the phone numbers are on DND, then instead of charging you for those phone numbers, the system will return an error message, thus “SMS Sending Failed”. Take a look at the picture below.

SMS Sending Failed

When some of the phone numbers are not on DND, the SMS will be delivered to those phone numbers with a success message while every other phone numbers on DND will automatically be filtered out.

You can try it out now by sending messages to those phone numbers on DND and observe that the messages won’t deliver and at the same time you won’t be charged for the SMSs not delivered. These are some examples of MTN phone numbers currently on DND: 08038138646, 08166445108, and 08037986282. Try to send SMSs to them and confirm by yourself. Take a look at some of our SMS reports.

DND Reports

Note: If your phone number was not on DND earlier and you just activated DND on it to test our DND filter feature, you will be charged for that phone number because it takes about 2 days for DND activation to properly propagate and reflect on our servers.

We do not want to let you know how we did this because of some managerial and security reasons from our technical department. We plead with you to understand our reasons and be rest assured that we are working closely with our international providers along with most of the telecommunication companies to make sure your happiness remains our logo.

You may be thinking why we are not providing corporate routes to deliver messages to phone numbers on DND. Yes, you have the right to that thought. Like we have always said, we love credibility and transparency, and those have been some of our core values. Unlike some Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria who charge you more than 4 units to deliver to phone numbers on DND even when 98% of them don’t offer that, we https://appwebSMS.com don’t offer corporate routes at the moment because we found out that the so called routes are not reliable. We have thought, programmed, applied and tested the feature from our international provider’s end and we found out that out of 10 phone numbers on DND, only 5 were successful. The https://appwebSMS.com management decided to wave out the feature at the moment until it becomes reliable in order to save our clients’ pockets.

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