Bulk SMS Nigeria API for MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9mobile DND Instant Delivery

Sending SMS from your application, website or system has never been easier. Now with our robust, trusted, flexible and reliable SMS Application Programmable Interface (API) connection, you can send Bulk SMS or Single SMS from your applications, websites or systems easily and fast. Our API is immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system, with a direct connection into our global gateways.

We deliver to DND numbers via our API at no extra cost. No one else, but appwebSMS do this in Nigeria.

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The API Parameters and their Meanings:

1. recipient: The destination phone numbers. Separate multiple numbers with a comma (,)
3. username: Your appwebSMS.com account username
4. password: Your appwebSMS.com account password
5. sender: The sender ID to show on the receiver's phone
6. message: The text message to be sent
7. balance: Set to true only when you want to check your credit balance
6. schedule: Specify this parameter only when you are scheduling an SMS for later delivery. It should contain the date the message should be delivered. Supported format is "2016-06-01 12:30:00" i.e "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"


HTTP API to send Bulk SMS:



HTTP API to Check Your Bulk SMS Balance:



API Response Codes

OK = Successful

-2904 = SMS Sending Failed

-2905 = Invalid username/password combination

-2906 = Credit exhausted

-2907 = Gateway unavailable

-2908 = Invalid schedule date format

-2909 = Unable to schedule

-2911 = Password is empty

-2912 = Recipient is empty

-2913 = Message is empty

-2910 = Username is empty

-2914 = Sender is empty

-2915 = One or more required fields are empty


API Response Example:

On success, the following code will be returned
OK 1500 08066017971,08157165603

where OK = Successful, 1500= Number of SMS credits used

08020202020,08029292929 = The 2 numbers that failed


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